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Toughened process of optical glass

2015/11/19 view:

                Optical glass in a certain temperature and pressure, the specific shape of precision mold pressure glass, in order to obtain high precision, high surface quality optical lens. The lens of precision forming technology is usually not provided with polishing, reducing raw material consumption, reducing the cost of human and material resources, and can lower the cost of large-scale production of non spherical lens.

                Optical glass is a kind of scattered light polymerization or equipment, usually by a layer of glass, ordinary spherical lens, optical lens curvature is the curvature of the spherical lens in front and back is a part of the spherical, respectively, to ensure that the lens material, the actual value of the characteristics to meet the shape of the glass mold shape corresponding to the shape of the glass mold. If the lens after the mold can be changed through the optical precision extrusion forming process requirements, you need to face the form of the corresponding modification of the mold surface.

              By changing the chemical composition of the glass surface is to increase the strength of the glass, usually steel is the application of ion exchange process. Is containing alkali metal ions of acid salt glass, resulting in a smaller outer shrink, internal shrinkage, cooling to room temperature, the glass is also in the internal tension and compression state, the effect is similar to the physical tempered glass.