ND Filter

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The product is made of optical glass without coating. The optical Glass is melted by our 

factory which has been already been accepted by many leading camera producer.

种类 厚度 平均透过率
Standard(%) Range(%)
ND3 1mm 1.5 0.5-3.0
ND1.8 2mm 2 1.0-3.0
ND0.9 2mm 10 6.0-15.0
ND0.6 2mm 25 18.0-32.0
ND30 2mm 30 23.0-37.0
ND65 2mm 65 58.0-72.0
ND70 2mm 70 63.0-77.0
Transmittance Curve
Spectral diagram (the following is only a conventional product)
(self fused optical glass material, the transmittance and thickness can be tailored to customer needs)
Technical requirements
ND2=ND0.3, exposure to reduce the 1 file, 1/2 ISO;
ND4=ND0.6, exposure to reduce the 2 file, 1/4 ISO;
ND8=ND0.9, exposure to reduce the 3 file, 1/8 ISO;
ND16=ND1.2 transmission rate was 6.25%
ND32=ND1.5 transmittance is 3.125%
ND64=ND1.8, exposure to reduce the 6 file, the transmittance is 1%;
ND400 transmission rate was 0.25%
ND1000=ND3.0, exposure to reduce the 10 file, the transmittance is 0.1%;
ND2000= transmission rate was 0.05%
Special alloy outer ring, outer ring for ultra-thin 3.0mm thickness.
General specifications for 49mm-82mm.
The front end can be connected with the specifications of filter filters or lens cap.

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